We are a nationwide company that specializes in disaster type security deployments. We have a multitude of resources, everywhere from unarmed asset protection during storms, armed static resources for storms and pipelines, and armed Executive Protection agents trained at a National EP school.

We also offer a substantial list of Law Enforcement for special projects you may have a need for!


We are a Wildfire Services company with the best trained firefighters in the industry. We hold our own training school each year to maintain the continuity of expertise on the fire ground.

We have a Type 6 engine, 10 man hand crew module, and several falling teams working projects.


We have recently expanded into the EMS portion of the Government contract system. We have a medical director out of Oregan and are licensed to practice pre hospital care across the USA.​

Disaster Cleanup

We have over 20 year experience in the construction arena and are vested in the disaster cleanup effort...we can do both removal and installation of new materials for various projects on various states.