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There are many opportunities for employment in Starkcorp and its network of, EMS and fire positions, along with many supervisory and admin positions with tons of advancement and ownership awards for service with our coalition.

Executive Protection Agent

Your duties as an executive protection specialist can include performing risk assessment, testing security systems, determining which executive or persons of interest are at higher risk, and developing methods to keep them safe.


Wildland Firefighter

A wildland or forest firefighter is a person trained to fight and help prevent wildfires. Wildland firefighters work in forests, grasslands and other outdoor places where wildfires are likely to occur. They usually work in teams with other firefighters. With additional education and training, they can specialize and advance to leadership positions.


EMT (B, A, or P)

Emergency medical technicians are front-line medical professionals who provide emergency care to those who need it by responding to scenes of accidents, natural disasters and in-home injuries or illnesses. They can work on ambulances and in hospitals but are also often deployed on fire apparatus and police vehicles and in a variety of situations where medical care may be needed.


Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for the successful management of a project from initiation to closing. They are the connection between upper management and their team. The position of project manager is present in many industries, including construction, architecture and information technology. If they work for a bank or insurance company, the project manager could eventually become chief operating officer (COO).

Corporate Officer Opportunities

If you feel you have experience relevant to be a corporate officer or you want to start a company and be a part of the us at

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