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Kent Stark - MENTOR

I started in the US Navy by advancing to the rank of E-4 within 2 years of my enlistment, pursuing courses and training that were conducive with leadership...which included team leader on the ship board firefighting teams.


After my enlistment I quickly went to work at the family business, being groomed for the role of CEO. It was a MUST that I spent a period of years on the crew and learning how the most entry level person conducted themselves before I could make it to an executive role. It became apparent to me how important the entry level worker was to our organization. It could not run without those key personnel.

Then as I came into a sales role, I learned that being  connected with the public can be a difficult role. Even though it was much less physical demanding...there was many new challenges that required more thought, and patience. Quickly I excelled to the level the companies highest producer. Additionally I implemented protocols that resulted in the staff producing sales with higher profit margins and creating greater value for our customers.

At the age of 27, I became the companies Executive Vice President and began learning the role of managing all areas of the business. I closely worked with the Office Manager and learned that she was the most important person in the building. I assisted with payroll, managing inventory, bookkeeping, human resources...along with all my previous roles as the sales manager. I conducted this role until 2007 when the business was sold and I opened my own Company.

At the age of 35 I became the CEO of a new venture...we sold cars, did auto repair, pawn, firearms...just to name a few. After navigating all the pitfalls of a new business we quickly rested on just manufacturing firearms.

My family has been in the firearms business since the 40s and I had a mission to produce some of the best military base guns in the country. My wheelhouse was special operations weapons for contractors and law enforcement. I also had 5 retail dealers purchasing my guns for resale to the retail buyer. 

While I was doing that, I got involved in the operation of private security, and started using my expertise to assist in dangerous situations that came up in the US. My first deployment was the fires of Ferguson, MO where I assisted law enforcement with calling in new fires on the radio.

I saw that the groups I was working with lacked organization and I started creating an area of the business that resulted in the workers having a voice in how we were treated. In 2016 I closed the firearms portion of the business and moved to St Louis, MO. There is where I setup the current Company of Starkcorp, Inc.



Key Points of Success

I have been working with Kent for many years, he is constantly available for all my questions, and has helped me with the opening of my company in Georgia and given me key advice that has led to many paying projects...

Jon-Mikeal Moody


If you desire to be a winner and make a difference in this world...then choose to use my experiences to be successful and create success in others.

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