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Elijah Shaw - ICON Global

I got the honor of meeting Mr. Shaw a few years ago and the Close Protection Conference, in Las of the most professional security practitioners in the industry. And to boot he has the real world experience that everyone can learn from. What can we possibly learn about Executive Protection that the average practitioner will endure from the Secret Service of DOS badge security has zero application in our daily experiences as a practitioner...but Mr. Shaw has that experience that we need, and is so gracious to share. Below is from his website with a link to where you can buy his book. Thanks for looking!

From Elijah's Website

An Introduction to Celebrity Protection and Touring offers a peek behind the scenes of the close protection industry, more commonly known as the bodyguard business.

With real world advice, tactics and techniques on how to identify and defeat potential attackers, as well as covering everything from dealing with overzealous fans, to hyper-aggressive paparazzi, this book offers proven solutions from two experts that have covered the gambit from the Grammy Awards to the White House.

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