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VDI Presents Alan Baker’s Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics (VCDT) Program

Alan Baker, a lifelong student of the martial arts and founder of AMAC Tactical Group, and Joe Autera, VDI’s President & CEO, first met at a professional conference more than a decade ago. From that chance meeting an innovative, highly effective defensive tactics program designed specifically for professional Security Drivers, protection practitioners, and others who may be forced to defend themselves (or others) while in and around a vehicle, emerged and has continued to evolve. Widely known simply as VCDT, the Vehicle Centric Defensive Tactics program is designed and intended to provide today’s professionals valuable insights, knowledge, skill, and ability that have proven to work where it’s needed the most – in the real world.

We here at the Stark Companies have always strived to bring the best information and training ro our employees and clients, and this shows the level of content you can expect from us. VDI is not only one of the GLOBAL security training, but his connection with Alan Baker has ground a level of training to us that we could never have expected. We are also proud to call ourselves a part of Team Baker.

Kent Stark - CEO of Starkcorp and Managing Partner of SDS - Stark Defense Solutions

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