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Welcome to our BLACKLIST or do not hire or contract with list...this is here for your protection as a individual as well as companies...

Ragnarok Strategic Services

Ragnarok is owned by Cody Shipp, Cody started as an employee of Starkcorp as the COO and Fire manager. His employment contract states that he cannot engage in any services directly in competition with Starkcorp. He has countless times taken assignment resulting in Starkcorp missing opportunities in excess of $250,000.00 which is a direct violation. He also has, by his own admission engaged in fraternization with his subordinates. He also got a lead for a EP security project and failed to turn over the information, because she was attractive...he is very unprofessional. This winter he used Starkcorps assets to get contracts, used Starkcorps equipment without permission and never paid us the rental fee associated with that use of equipment. Lastly there is over $10,000.00 in gear missing which will be turned in as theft. We will be seeking restitution for the missing gear and $30,000.00 in unpaid rentals of equipment. DO NOT HIRE, DO NOT CONTRACT!


G2G Event Staffing - Howard Johnston

We started with Howard in 2019 being asked to provide services on a Hurricane, which he never deployed us after we signed a contract (kind of like LaSorsa). Then we were colleagues on Hurricanes through Brosnan and Howard and Brosnan were playing good cop, bad cop...which led to my separation from Brosnan. Howard later contracted me to do several projects through Maverick Gas Stations, and other random projects. 

In 2021 he contacted me about Walgreens in Florida and asked me to provide active or retired LEO, because I was not licensed in Florida, I subbed it out to a company with former PR LEO to provide armed security services for the project. After two weeks of payments he stopped paying us, we lasted a few more weeks, which put us 30 days owed invoices, and we told him he needed to find other coverage. To this day he has not paid us in excess of $48,000.00. When I had lawyers contact him, he said he would pay a discounted rate, and we accepted and he never sent anything. Which proves his intent to defraud.

The contract was through Allied Universal and my attempt to contact them about the invoices was unanswered. Which shows their character as well.

Howard has sold his plethora of companies...G2G Event Staffing, G2G Cleaning, G2G his Friend, Howard Williams of Phoenix Security Contractors and no answer from him either.

Howard Johnston and all his resources are NOT to be trusted. DO NOT HIRE AND DO NOT CONTRACT WITH HIM.

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 8.17.06 PM.png

Brosnan Risk Consultants

I contracted for Brosnan for several years, and they appear to be legit at first. Starting with being New York cops, and then promoting their EP division ( which you will never be a part of unless you're a retired New Your Cop ) and lastly the uniformed division ( Walmart Security ). We were contracted as one of the uniformed division Emergency contractors for Hurricanes. We took part in several deployments, to included providing off duty LEO for the riots in Minnesota, and mask enforcement for Walmarts. In the end they hired a NEW manager for emergency deployments named Fred Tanner. They had us cycle up agents for jobs they never paid us for, they used accident photos to undermine our company, and failed to pay us over 100,000.00 on an invoice. This company cannot be trusted. DO NOT CONTRACT WITH THEM.

...and as you can see from below, they even stole our slogan...HOW PATHETIC.


LaSorsa & Associates

We contracted with Joe LaSorsa at the recommendation of Adam Scholl (self proclaimed FBI door kicker) that Joe was a standup guy and a pillar of the security community. He asked us to bring Agents to a Hurricane deployment in South Carolina, and asked us to sign a contract. I signed it in good faith. Which he never used us...then when I went to get contracts with other companies, he tried to enforce a non compete and said we could not work in the industry. He then said we broke contract and post all over Facebook like a 12 year old girl. Finally when none of that worked, he took documents that had noting to do with him, which were fraud, and posted them online and said we don't pay our employees, which was a lie. Joe and his whole organization cannot be trusted. DO NOT CONTRACT WITH THEM!

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